Boondock Kingz With Porch Matthews Teacher Preacher Live At Scores


I hit the trail Saturday night heading to Calhoun, Georgia to Scores Sports Bar and Grill to watch Boondock Kingz, Porch Matthews and Teacher Preacher perform live.  After the two-hour trip, I was worn down, but when I finally arrived at Scores, I was happy to see Rick from Them Riverbank Boys.  Rick is an awesome guy, and it was great to see him and Lakeside Lee from Them Riverbank Boys both their to support their label mates’ first stop on the Pub Crawl Tour.

Porch Matthews started off the party with a few songs, and he was on fire.  He brought a couple of guys with him, Longneck and  White Lightnin came with a lot of energy and this hometown boy played like it was a home-game. I can’t wait to hear more from Matthews when he drops his album later this year. I was really impressed with Porch Matthew’s performance.

When the Boondock Kingz hit the stage, they brought Teacher Preacher, another D Thrash Productions artist that has worked a lot with the Kingz on many projects.  I talked to Teacher before the show, and found out we’re practically neighbors.  He’s a family man, and country raised. He’s got the potential to be a huge Country Rap star.

BoonDock Kingz performed  many of their songs, my favorite of which was, of course, “Trashy Ever After“.  I was even more excited to hear their debut performance of theirBDK Full Stage new single, set to be released soon.

Let me tell you, this song will be a game changer for this duo.  The energy was high throughout, and both Kuntry Strong and Danny O’Moore worked the crowd like a seasoned professional would.   They weren’t over-rehearsed but you could tell they’ve been developing the performance, which shows the work these guys are putting into their music.

I was impressed with the high-energy performance Boondock Kingz brought to Score’s.  They worked the crowd, overcame some technical adversity, and I could tell by the end of the show that they were enjoying themselves. So was the crowd.

Teacher Preacher's Wife even got into the action Saturday Night

Teacher Preacher’s Wife even got into the action Saturday Night

When the music was done, The Boondock Kingz, Teacher Preacher, Porch Matthews and even Them Riverbank Boys all stayed around to meet anybody that wanted to offer their congratulations on a great show, took lots of pictures, and generally celebrated the beginning of The Pub Crawl Tour, which will see another D Thrash Artist Handz Onn, join them shortly.

It was a great show, and I had an awesome time meeting all the people involved in putting the concert on.  I write about these guys so much, it’s great to actually meet them and get to know where they’re coming from.  The things I took away from the Boondock Kingz show were that you’d better watch out for The Boondock Kingz, Teacher Preacher, and Porch Matthews.  They’re going to drop some badass music during the next year and change the game for Country Rap.  I can’t wait to hear how it all sounds.




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