BoonDock Kingz “Trashy Ever After” featuring Teacher Preacher and The Wheeler Boys


BoonDock Kingz teamed up with The Wheeler Boys and frequent cohort Teacher Preacher to create a song and video that transcends genre.  Is it Country Rap? Not Exactly.  Is it urban? Not Really.  Is it good?  You damned right it is.

“Trashy Ever After” is a song for the working man with from a country-boy perspective.  Its blue-collar from the holler, and it combines country rap, and urban rap into a fused concoction that goes down smooth and makes you want another round.

Danny O’Moore starts the track with his signature whirlwind style that sets the tone for the rest of the song.  This is, in my opinion, O’Moore at the top of his lyrical game.  If he’s just getting started with D. Thrash Productions, man I can’t wait to hear this partnership evolve

Garrett Wheeler is up next, and though way to short, he manages to gain at least one more fan (me), and after listening to some more of the Wheeler Boys Music, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Loganville, Georgia’s own Teacher Preacher takes the rebound from Wheeler and spits pure Hick Hop gold.  If you haven’t heard Teacher Preacher before, you’re in for a treat.

Kuntry Strong comes in to finish “Trashy Ever After”, and to use the basketball metaphor, shoots from 3/4 court and hits nothing but net.  Anyone that’s heard Kuntry Strong before knows he can hit that shot behind his back from the bleachers, and he summarizes his journey with lyrical mastery.

Finally, the man behind the track D. Thrash, is obviously at the top of his gang. He’s got the production down, not that that’s a surprise, but what I take away from “Trashy Ever After” is that he’s got an ear for talent  that anyone in the industry should be jealous of.  He managed to put together a team that transcends genre and style, and makes it look like child’s play.


So now you’ve read my take, and you’ve seen the video for yourself the only question is.  Have you downloaded it yet?

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More Teacher Preacher? – Facebook or Soundcloud

Check out Wheeler Boys music – Facebook Soundcloud


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