BIG SMO: Autobiography News, Charity Single “The Message,” and New Music Video “Country Outlaw!” 

Entertainment Mogul BIG SMO Kicks Off the Year with Autobiography News, Charity Single “The Message,” and New Music Video “Country Outlaw!”

Country Rap legend BIG SMO has always been a man of his fans, so much so Rolling Stone Magazine awarded him “Best Cult Fanbase” in 2014.  Since the early 2000s, Smo has been sewing his sound into the foundations of the genre he is undisputedly credited with helping to invent and pioneer all the way to becoming its first and only major label-signed artist to date when Warner Bros. released his now-classic Kuntry Livin’ LP, which sparked the singles “Workin’ ” and “Anything Goes,” which racked up 20 million Youtube views between the two hits.

After first becoming a Youtube sensation in 2010 when he dropped his signature “Kickin’ It in Tennessee,” which racked up 16 million views by word-of-mouth, he’s become a household name both as a true superstar to his Kinfoke fan base and a reality television personality thanks to the wildly-popular show BIG SMO on A&E, another first-of-its-kind for the Country Rap genre.   Taking his Kinfoke fans for the first time back to his roots growing up on a farm in Bedford County, Tennessee, in “MY LIFE IN A JAR: The Book of SMO,” co-written with award-winning music biographer Jake Brown, the country rap icon gives fans the real story behind his rise to the top of their Playlists and headlining spots at their weekend Mudbogs!

A natural storyteller in song and scene alike, Smo’s life – already in feature film development – reads like cinema, beginning with his Country Boy roots raised up on a real working farm with ATVs, snake-hunting and a cow named Bossy; his small-town teenage adventures in Pranking including blowing up mailboxes and a real-life fight-to-the-death with a pair of vultures while exploring a cave on his family’s property; his early 20s hustle to get his foot in the Hip Hop door, building his historic Kuntry Kitchen studio with his father Killer; touring with mentor Haystak during the later 00s opening for Insane Clowne Posse and releasing Tru South before breaking out with American Made in 2010.  Building a massive backroad following on Youtube to the tune of 50+ million views as he released D-I-Y video after hit video, from “Kick Mud,” “Hick Ross,” “Boss of the Stix,” “Honky Tonkin’,” “Kuntry Boy Swag,” and “Lick Life” among other early hits.

A page-turner from front to back, fans are pulled inside the eye of the perfect storm that took Smo and the genre mainstream for the first time in 2012 after he became the first and only Country Rap star to sign to a major label and land a nationally-syndicated television show in the same year, taking Kuntry Livin’ into the homes of 2 million viewers a night and inspiring Billboard Magazine to observe of the rising star that “Smo himself knows how to fill the stage and the screen with both his music and his personality.”  Nearly knocked from the top just as his star was ascending after he discovered he needed quadruple bypass heart surgery in 2014, Smo spent the next year fighting back, triumphantly returning to the Top 10 with We the People in 2016, and in 2018, brings his musical journey current with his newest studio album, Special Reserve – featuring “The Message,” one of Smo’s most personal singles yet, with all proceeds donated to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Oncology Department.  All chronicled in real time in the book as he launches his new label, Freedom Records, Smo recently premiered his latest music video, “Country Outlaw.”

Follow Smo on his very own app, Smomobile, and on Social Media to keep up with special pre-order opportunities that include a chance to be part of the book’s release, hear unreleased music and even win a ticket to the special book release concert! www.therealbigsmo.comwww.facebook.com/theRealBigSmo,www.instagram.com/therealbigsmowww.twitter.com/therealbigsmo, and www.youtube.com/user/SMOMOTIONTV

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