Big Po ‘God’s Country’


Big Po dropped his latest album, God’s Country, on The Redneck C.E.O. show last Friday and I think this one is worth the listen.  It’s a really well put-together album, and should be used as an example of  how you don’t need a major record deal to make a professional grade record.

God’s Country’s title track sets the tone for the album, and it’s a great prepper to the rest of the project.  The themes of country living, partying, sinning, and redemption are present throughout the album.  Big Po keeps it real, “The Recipe” is as real as it gets, and its that kind of authentic story telling bode well for the Louisiana rapper’s potential.

Pig Po has that deep husky voice and he’s on point with the flow throughout.  You can tell Big Po’s a story teller and his down home laid-back energy will endear him to his fans.

God’s Country is a rap-centric project that uses a lot of country elements throughout, both lyrically and musically, but the lyrics are the stars on God’s Country.

I’ve seen a lot of decent rappers use bad production, quickly put together lyrics and throw an album together just to put something out. I’m glad that Big Po didn’t take that route. He took the time to develop his themes, get a professional recording, and do it right.  It’s not perfect; no album is. It is, however, what you’d hope for from a relative new comer to the game on his debut album.  It’s solid.

Big Po started putting down roots in the industry with God’s Country, and with a lot of hard work, dedication and time on the road, he could be successful.


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