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Big Chuk “Way Out Here”


Just after releasing our first peek at Little Missouri, Big Chuk dropped a new video for his song “Way Out Here”. Not on the new album “Way Out Here” is bound to stand alone, a theme that matches the tone of the song.

The Arkansas rapper has made news in recent weeks with some music that agitated some, and thrilled others, and this song is straight outlaw stuff right here.  The term “Outlaw” isn’t something Big Chuk appears to just throw out there.  He’s in the business to feed his family; by any means necessary, and in “Way Out Here” he flaunts his backwoods bona fides.

The rap starts off with a volley of quick bombs from Chuk that come hard, followed by a chorus that begs you to chant along.  The flow throughout is unique and delivery speed from Big Chuk in this one is perfect. It’s fast, but you can hear every word.

I done paid my dues, you can ask my daddy,

Ask country both sides of the family,

call us hillbillies you can call us hicks,

but I bet you by now you won’t start no shit

The music in “Way Out Here” is phenomenal.  The mixture of fiddles, and acoustic guitar mixed with those sic beats are sure to be a crowd pleaser, when its performed live. This song was made for the live show, in my opinion, and his fans are going to be screaming way out here all summer long, all over the South.  This will be the song that will put beers in the hands and butts on the floor; just the kind of thing club owners like to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Chuk doesn’t book shows based on this song alone.

I’m especially impressed with the scratching and mixing that Eddie Robinson does in this song.  Scratching is a lost art, and Robinson makes it look like child’s play during the interlude.

The video is a good production, filled with outlaw imagery and I’m sure that’s no accident. Big Chuk is fast becoming known for his unorthodox music, making waves every-time he hits the track. I’m sure for every fan he pisses off, he gets 3 new ones.  The authenticity is evident; Chuk isn’t in the game to make friends, he’s here to feed his family.

Say what you want about Big Chuk, he’s becoming a fast rising star in the Country Rap game. With his performance in “Way Out Here”, he’s solidifying his  status of someone to watch this summer and beyond.

Make sure to keep up with Big Chuk @ his facebook page, twitter, and youtube channel.

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