Apalachee Don “My Kinda Songs”


There are a lot of great artists that don’t get the recognition they deserve, and near the top of my list in that category is Apalachee Don.  Let’s face it, we got plenty of songs about mud bogs and big tires. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for that kind of song, and I love them.  What I don’t want to see Country Rap do, is descend into a death spiral of the same song being done 30 different ways, like you hear on pop country today. If Hick Hop is going to establish itself as a respected genre that gains more media attention, we’re going to have to step it up; that’s why artists like Apalachee Don need to be heard, and given their own opportunity to shine

“My Kinda Songs” is more country than rap, its built with the type of lyrics I’d expect to hear in depression era music, and the video seems to echo that vibe. It’s not talking blues, but its old-timey music mixed with 21st Century beats, and together, in my ears anyway, it’s solid country gold.

Apalachee Don is a one-of-a-kind down home, southern country boy with the ability to do great things in music. I hope he keeps making country infused with those beats and raps for years to come.

Your gonna love Apalachee Don

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