Apalachee Don ‘My Kinda Songs’ Album Review


Since I first heard “Country Roads” a year and a half ago, I knew that Apalachee Don had a chance to be a force in the music industry. With the release of his debut album, ‘My Kinda Songs’, the Monroe, Georgia artist has solidified his position, in my mind, as one of the most talented artists in music today.

I knew Apalachee Don could rap. I also knew he could sing. After just one listen to ‘My Kinda Songs’, however, it is clear that this guy can do just about anything he sets his mind to.

Don plays most of the guitar on the album. You’ll also hear him doing most of the backup vocals as well. From start to finish, ‘My Kinda Songs’ is a plethora of musical goodness.

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Apalachee Don is more than a musician; he’s a storyteller, and an excellent one at that. Storytelling is a mark of a great artist, and when he gets on the mic, you’ll visualize what he’s talking about.

There are not any songs about mud-bogging on ‘My Kinda Songs”. That’s not what Apalachee Don does. What he does is talk about his life, and that authenticity of content makes the songs real. He told me during our 2015 interview that “that’s the only way I know how to be anyway… You already got people in their jacked up trucks and, I’d rather tell you about my experiences through my music.” On ‘My Kinda Song’s that’s just what Apalachee Don does.

When I got the album, I put it on my phone and listened to it for days straight. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I never once hit the skip button, and though many songs grew on me as I listened more, I still listen to the album all the way through every time.

That’s not to say I don’t have some favorites. Here are my some of my favorites.

I’ve loved “Anthem Of An Outlaw” featuring Apalachee Don’s good friends Big Chuk and Matt “Manchild” Marshall, since the first time I heard it over a year ago. This is a pure country rap banger that rivals any song you’ll hear from the big names in the industry.

I’m also a huge fan of the title track “My Kinda Songs”, and it might be the best introduction to Apalachee Don’s style of music on the album. It’s got a great hook, and Don tells us what’s he’s all about in “My Kinda Songs”.

You’ve probably heard both of those songs if you’ve heard any of Apalachee Don’s music and they’re both great, but there are some songs that you may not have heard yet that will quickly become some of your favorites

I love it when “This Road” comes on. It’s one of the more catchy songs on ‘My Kinda Songs’, another song where Apalachee Don lets us in on the kind of person Don is outside the studio. Some of the best rap verses on the album, “This Road” is definitely one of my favorites.

“She Loves My Guitar” is an acoustic treat for the ears, and one of the sweetest songs you’ll hear anywhere. It shows a tender side of the artist that I don’t think I’ve heard before I listened to the album.

Another song I can’t get enough of is “How I got My Name”.  This track is solid outlaw gold. The guitar riff is bad-ass in “How I Got My Name”.  This is another personal song that gives us a window into where Apalachee Don is coming from.  This is real country right here.

“Bring It To The Woods” Featuring Camo Collins and Lemmons, both from Southern Country Music, is a classic country rap track that will be popular in the clubs. Apalachee Don doesn’t have a lot of features on ;’My Kinda Songs’, and though he uses them sparingly, he uses those features good, and together with Lemmons and Camo Collins, Apalachee Don will have the clubs rocking with “Bring It To The Woods”.

“Mason Dixon” sounds like what church would be like if it was held on Saturday night in a Southern Honky Tonk. There’s nothing like “Mason Dixon” out there, and I don’t think anybody could pull if off like Apalachee does easily. This song alone is worth the album purchase. Complete with fiddle and even a Jew’s Harp, there isn’t an old timey country song anywhere better than “Mason Dixon”

It’s kind of funny that, this being a Country Rap website and all, my favorite track on ‘My Kinda Songs” turned out to be a song without any rapping in it all. “Eagles” gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. It’s a tune that’s probably the most radio friendly song on the entire album. In “Eagles”, Apalachee Don takes it to another level with his singing. They lyrics on “Eagles” are some of the most beautiful poetry you’ll ever hear, and the fact that it’s surrounded by so many stellar rap songs and is my favorite should tell you something. I LOVE this song!

The production on ‘My Kinda Songs’ was handled by Eddie Robinson, who’s becoming a go-to producer for many of the up-and-coming artists in the industry. E.R. does a great job of not getting in the way of the song, but rather complimenting it. There are many different sounds and instrumentation on the album, and Eddie Robinson helps make this a great album.

Apalachee Don isn’t your average artist. He’s got a diversity of talent that’s more than rare; it’s one of a kind. With his début, ‘My Kinda Songs’, he’s put together the most musically diverse album I’ve ever heard. This guy can sing, rap, play guitar and just about anything else he needs to do to make the music his own.

There’s a good reason people are starting to talk about Apalachee Don. He’s got the personality, the individuality and, most importantly, the talent to really make waves in the music industry. With his new album, ‘My Kinda Songs’, he may just cause an ocean swell.

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