Apalachee Don, Big Po, Big Chuk And Mic Manik at Fuzions Monroe August 6th 2016


This past Saturday Night at Fuzions was epic as Apalachee Don, Big Chuk, Big Po‘ and Mic Manik performed live for a large crowd at Fuzions in Monroe, Ga

We’ve got interviews with Mic Manik and Big Chuk that should be up soon, but in the meantime here’s a photo gallery of some of the action at Fuzions

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It was great to see Dann O’ Moore from BoonDock Kingz and Them Riverbank Boys at the show supporting their fellow artists. This is the kind of thing, you’ll only likely see in the Country Rap game, as Them Riverbank Boys drove over 2 hours to see the show.  Danny O’ Moore told me that “Apalachee Don is the most underrated artist in the industry” and I tend to agree.

Apalachee Don was a sort of Emcee for the event, opening the show with a couple of acoustic songs before Big Po took the stage

Big Po’ did a great job on stage. He brought his own guitar and played a bunch of songs.  I will say Big Po made a lot of new fans Saturday Night.  One song in particular, “Ain’t Taking My Jesus” had the crowd cheering as well as coming up to the stage and shaking the Louisiana artist’s hand near the end of the song. You know you’re reaching people when that kind of thing happens.

Big Chuk took the stage next. I’d never seen Chuk live before and I will say he has a way of commanding the stage that is rare.  Most of the people at Fuzions had heard his music before, but the live performance was on point, entertaining and I’d definitely recommend  getting out to see the Arkansas Outlaw live when you get the chance

Apalachee Don took the stage next and I’ve seen the Monroe, GA artist play nearly every show he’s done at Fuzions to date. What I’m impressed with is the improvement in stage presence this guy has done over the past year or so.  The first time I saw him, he mainly sat with his guitar and played his music. Saturday night was a totally different performance with Josh Seabolt from Hick Life Entertainment and Don’s son Jo-Jo also on stage. Don bounced around the stage like he owned it, and I have to agree with O’ Moore’s statement about Apalachee Don being the most underrated artist in the game.

Mic Manik closed the show with a great performance, backed by a full rock band. This was, without a doubt, a full rock show. I’ve really come to love Mic Manik’s album Muddy Water, but it honestly did not prepare me for his stage show, and that was a good thing.  This guy has a real chance to extend beyond the Country Rap base and also appeal to pure rock fans with a show like this.

As usual, everybody at Fuzions was helpful and friendly.  We had table service and the server never let our drinks get empty before coming back to see if we wanted more.

I sure hope these guys get together and do another show at Fuzions again.  I, for one, won’t miss it, and I’d bet anybody that was there Saturday would agree.

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