Alexander King Yelawolf Jelly Roll “Country Side” Video


Yelawolf done and went full Country Rap with his new collab with Alexander King and Jelly Roll, and what results is one of the hottest Country Rap songs I’ve heard in a long time.  If you’ve ready any of my previous posts on Yelawolf, I called this one a while ago.  I don’t think Yelawolf’s changed who he is, he’s just got the freedom to let it all out.

I haven’t met very many rappers that like the term Hick Hop. And I get that.  But here’s the thing.  You don’t get to pick the name of a genre; people who listen to it do.  Did Buddy Holly get to say he wasn’t doing rock n’ roll because he wasn’t a sailor (the term first appeared in the 17th century as a term for a boat on the ocean rocking and rolling)? No, just like somebody that isn’t a hick that does a country rap song doesn’t get to say it’s not Hick Hop.  You might not like it, but the fans have coined the phrase (well Okay Cowboy Troy coined the phrase, but the fans made it stick).  Hell, people have called Georgia-Florida Line Hick Hop, and even God forbid, Sam Hunt.

Sorry Yelawolf.  “Country Side” is a Hick Hop song.  Sure it’s country rap.  Sure it’s outlaw rap or whatever name you want to call it.  The fans call it Hick Hop.  Fight it, I’ll call you Country Rap, our outlaw whatever if it gets you to keep making this kind of music.  The people you’re targeting will call it Hick Hop.  The nearly 200,000 people who’ve been to this site this past year do.

Hick Hop isn’t a genre, it’s a culture.  It’s a culture of the love of outdoors, twangin and bangin, and living a simple life to the beat of a hip hop beat.

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