10 Questions With The Lacs On American Rebelution Release Day

On the cusp of their album release for American Rebelution, we spoke with Clay of The Lacs regarding the new album and just some other things.

HHM: This is your 6th Album, that is a lot of albums, how do you feel about that?
Clay: I feel great about it, this is some of our best work.

HHM: You write about “home” a lot, but we know you spend a lot of time on the road… what is the best thing about touring?
Clay: Playing for the great fans.

HHM: It looks like you have written on every song on “American Rebelution,” how important is it that you have a hand in the songs you sing and perform?
Clay: Yes, we write every song. That is our favorite part of writing music.

HHM: Montgomery Gentry is featured on “Jack in My Coke,” that is a unique collaboration. They obviously have a very different fan base than you do, how did that partnership come about.
Clay: We’ve always been big fans of theirs. We felt like this was the perfect song so with our record label, we reached out to them and they loved the idea.

HHM: How do you think this album is different from the others?
Clay: I’m not gonna say it’s different because we have a song format we stick with every album that works, but you will hear us stepping outside the box in a couple songs on this album.

HHM: Have the songs on “American Rebelution” been written recently in your life, or are any of them from a past time time in your life and just now making their way to an album?
Clay: All are the songs have been written recently.

HHM: “Mine’s Bigger” is clearly innuendo, for other things. But here you talk about a truck. What kind of truck do you drive?
Clay: F250

HHM: What is your favorite part about living in Baxley, GA?
Clay: It’s kind of a country boys paradise, no fast pace, phones don’t work kind of paradise.

HHM: If you had 100,000 people in front of you and the opportunity to perform only one song from American Rebelution, which song would it be?
Clay: Redneck As Me

HHM: If you could collaborate on a song with anyone, past or present that you have not already had the opportunity to work with, who would it be?
Clay: Hank Jr

HHM: Lastly, where can we catch you on the road? Is there a tour coming up to promote the new album?
Clay:  on the American Rebelution tour now –> Tour Dates


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