Hick Hop Video Face Off Head 2 Head

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Welcome to the official Hick Hop Video face-off of Hick Hop Music.  Watch both videos, click vote on the one you like best and then we’ll send you 2 more to watch and rate.  There are thousands of possible match-ups, and you can see how your favorite videos stack-up against the competition right here on our Hick Hop Music Chart.

Cypress Spring “Way Of Life”

Here’s another debut right here from the Florida Panhandle in the form of Cypress Spring’s “Way Of Life” an infectious chorus that features Danny Boone and The Lacs who help make this debut special.   The rapping on “Way Of Life” is pure country with a well produced track that matches the flow of the rhyming.  We sure hope to hear more from this Vernon, FL band Cypress Spring in the future.  “Way Of Life” is a really good song

Let us know your thought’s on Cypress Spring “Way Of Life”

Swamprats “Horses & Dynamite”

Here’s a video from newcomers Swamprats; its “Horses & Dynamite”, and for a debut, this shows that the Swamprats want to come out of the gate full speed. The rapping is strong, the audio production is pretty high grade, and if they can take their video production up a notch or two, their is no reason these guys can’t rise fast.  Of course, they’re going to need to sell music to make it all work, but if they hustle, they’ve got a shot.  “Horses & Dynamite” is a solid debut from Swamprats, and we’re looking to hear more from these guys soon


What’s your take on Swamprats “Horses & Dynamite”?  Let us know

Charlie Farley “Stabbin’ Cabin”

The latest from Charley Farley is ready to go and it features a highly polished video from D-Thrash productions, and the audio production is spot-on. Farley’s rhyming is, as always on point, and the appearance from Rehab Veteran Danny Boone is icing on the cake.  This is a top notch song, you should check “Stabbin’ Cabin” and all of Charlie Farley’s music, its worth the listen

What do you think of Charlie Farley’s “Stabin’ Cabin”?  Let Us Know

Hick Hop Artists Photo Gallery

Jawga Boyz

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Here’s a list of Hick Hop Artists in Photo Gallery Style. Click through to see all the Artists, and you can find all of them through our facebook page

Jawga Boyz “Ridin’ In This Rig”

The Jawga Boyz are one of the top selling Hick Hop artists around right now. On “Ridin’ In This Rig”, they team up with DEZ for these flows and this farm based videos.


How do you think The Jawga Boyz and DEZ did in this video for “Ridin In This Rig. Let us know below

Demun Jones “Lake House”

Here’s another Rehab vet, Demun Jones and the new video from his Jones County album, Lake House.  If you like Demun Jones’ “Lake House” Music Video, let us know down below.

Can Demun Jones recreate the success he’s had with Rehab?  If “Lake House” is any indication, he’ll be fine.